Monday, September 4, 2017

The New York Coffee Festival 2017/Back from Europe!

To say the least, I've been pretty busy lately.
I went to Norway and France, fashion week is coming up, 
and I've started some side projects.
In New York, we've already gotten a little preview of some Fall weather.
I don't know who doesn't love Fall..It's such a breath of fresh air
and signifies the start of new things. It also means The New York Coffee Festival
is coming up! 

This year it's October 13-15th and will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion. 
I went the previous year for the first time and plan on returning this year.
There's so many vendors including Variety, Stumptown, and Devocion. You
get the chance to try an array of coffee, learn about new products, and meet others
who love coffee as much as you. 


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