Saturday, September 24, 2016

The New York Coffee Festival - 2016

 Last year I didn't get the chance to go to the New York Coffee Festival,
but this year I luckily got invited as press-woo! 

I went Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon, which was enough time to try
over 10 espressos and roasts.. and cocktails. My favorite stands were the different
coffee shop booths, some based in New York. (like Bluestone Lane and Toby's)
Variety's had some amazing espresso, as well as a carnival-like game to win prizes.

I also really liked the All Saints Roasters stand. They were offering the House Blend
over ice, which lead me to buying a bag of beans. (And by buy, I mean
I didn't have cash on me, so the amazing people at the booth gave it to me
for free! THANKS) The coffee is grown and roasted in Argentina and they even
have a coffee shop as well-

Besides finding a new spot to buy beans from and endless free coffee, the
cocktail bar was great as well. The espresso martinis were a perfect combination
of coffee and baileys, which added even more to the caffeine buzz.

I look forward to going next year and hopefully seeing
All Saints Roasters grow as a company and brand----


  1. Thanks for the info on the NY Coffee Festival. I'd like to experience it myself one day. Great pictures!

  2. It was fate to come here at this place. It really paves the way for me to want to go out more. I was fortunate enough to have seen this excellent place with my friends. The entire space at event venues Chicago feel warm and intimate.

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